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    Thumbs up Polk RT15...kudos Polk

    Note- This is not the Rt15i's.

    I would write a review but I dont feel its necessary. The only thing that needs to be understood is, these speakers absolutely rock for their price. Perhaps the best bang for the dollar I have seen for the retail dollar. If you happen to catch a CC sale which sells them at cost - take them! Take as many as you can! You wont regret it!

    The quality could be better, but considering the price, its absolutely stunning! Voices are clear and intelligable, the bass is freakishly good for such a small speaker. I caught myself disillusioned into believing there was a seperate sub which was active.

    Man - people, get these speakers! Excellent for bed-rooms, dens, or any other small room. I currently have them hooked up to my pc. Loving every little bit of it too.

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    I've always liked the R series. I have a pair of R10's and the older R2's. A buddy has a pair of R40 towers, for the price, tough to beat.

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    I don't really feel like voicing many opinions anymore, but I'll chime in here since requested.

    I will say, esp at the closeout price, the RT15i (the model mom in law got me for xmas) is an exceptional value. They work well for music and home theater. I can see an EASY 5.1-6.1 setup using 3 pair, and adding a sub. Depending on how much your sub costs, you could build a VERY affordable AND high performance home theater.

    You can look at the RT15(i) 2 ways.

    A. The poor mans RT25(i), using a smaller cab, and down-graded tweeter.

    B. An R10 on steriods, using an upgraded mid-bass and all the technology in the RT line (power port, arc port, raised bezel).

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    I have the rt15i's, rt25i, and rt35i. For the value once the rt25i's were broken in - they sound amazing for the money. The 15's are a bit weak all around next to the 25's.
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    Anything that it RT is totally bitchen.
    I just started to do posts on this web site in late December and love everyt minute of it.and if you all read my little comments you know how i rant and rave about my RT 7's..Damn right these polks are good.they make me happy.. same difference if you wanted a Ferrari but couldn't afford it so you would be happy with a porsche 944 carrera targa. so goes the same thing with a dynaudio or a polk...
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