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    Default Room Design/Layout software?

    My 11 year old daughter Shannon is moving into a larger bedroom. I did the old fashioned thing of drawing the room (to scale) on graph paper with the door, closets, windows, HVAC ducts, outlets, etc. all located appropriately. I also cut out some furniture (to scale) so that she could move furniture around, see if it fits in the room, etc. After I did all this work:(, I was wondering if anyone had used any simple design software, possibly shareware to do a room layout? I'd like her to move the furniture around, print 3D, etc.

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    Here is a shareware version that is popular.

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    Punch. Don't think it's available as trialware, but some sellers on ebay have it cheap. Can't say yay or nay about them.

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    I've been wondering that myself lately. I'm getting ready to re-arrange my room pretty soon, and I drew it out on some graph paper to scale and everything. The entire time I'm thinking "there has got to be an easier way to do this".

    I'll have to check those out later on.

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    google sketch it up is pretty good
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    Visio for Microsoft is cool. You can do whole house layouts on it.

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