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    Default Speaker Rating & Bi-Amping - a question

    Just set up the 2 ch system again and added an amp to the mix. The speakers I'm running are rated for 130w max. long term power & 200w max. short term power.

    In my previous set up I was just running a B&K 125 S.2 (125w @ 8 ohms) with the lug plates installed. In the new set up, the lug plates were removed the S2 was put on the top lugs and I added a Reference B&K 4420 (225w @ 8 ohms) to the bottom lugs.

    I should also mention that neither of these amplifiers have leveling controls on the back of them. (They have balanced inputs and you can't have both). There is also no leveling feature on the pre as I am running a TVC.

    So here is my question. Can I put 130w of power into the top and bottom? or does it mean that I should only be putting in 65w continuous power into each terminal set on the speaker (top and bottom).

    Also, I suppose I could match the amps better if required. I also have a ST 1420 (100w @ 8 Ohms) and an Adcom GFA 5800 (250w @ 8 ohms).

    I just don't want to damage the speakers by throwing too much power at them during a long listening sessions.

    Your thoughts on the best way to accomplish this Bi-amp would be appreciated.


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    Perhaps some clarity of terms might help. I shouldn't drink in the afternoon.

    Lug Plates = Speaker Terminal Jumpers

    Lug = Speaker Terminal

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