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    Default Polk lsi 15 and SDA-1B Yamaha RX-V2700

    I have a yamaha RX-V2700 Receiver and for about the past year I was using JBL HLS820 speakers. I recently purchased a pair of Polk 10B speakers and the sound difference was amazing. There was more base from the JBLs than the 10Bs but it was too boomy. I have even more recently purchased a pair of LSI 15 and a pair of SDA-1B. I have not hooked these up yet and am not yet sure which pair I plan on using. I do plan on keeping the set up as 2 channel only (maybe center later for movies). From most posts that I have read it seems that alot of people use a dedicated amp to power the speakers. Does anybody know if my receiver can adequately drive these speakers or would I be better off getting a separate amp...and if so which one. I dont plan on getting rid of the receiver because of the convenience of HDMI cables in/out for DVD player/Cable/TV. I can't wait to compare the LSI 15s and SDA-1Bs

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    Hobby, welcome. You're the one who's going to know(after you try) if your 2700 drives the Lsi15s satisfactorily. It can be said that for the vast majority of home applications the 2700 has more than enough maximum power capacity. The Lsi15s use about 1 watt for a comfortably loud sound level. Brief peaks on highly dynamic material ,such as some classical recordings , use much more of course, but should still be within the maximum output capacity of the 2700. Beyond these general statements, your listening distance, size of your room, and dynamic range of the material that you listen to are the main factors that will determine the question in your specific application.

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    It will work but the folks here who actually use Polk speakers like the LSi-15 know that a high current amplifier will improve their sound quality.

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    My RX-V2500 does a reasonable job at driving my LSi15's, but compared to the several amps that I've had the receiver has much less dynamics and overall has something of a lack of musicality. But your 2700 can certainly drive them just so long as you keep the volume level reasonable.
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    Get ready for some fun. Before hooking up your SDAs make sure the 2700 is common ground with a multimeter.

    You will likely find that the soundstage is quite different. Not everyone likes SDAs so it will really be up to you which sounds better

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