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    Default Looking for advice on setup

    I am currently running

    RXV861 7.1
    RTI A6
    RTI A5
    RC 85I rear surrounds
    PSW 505 sub

    I am unhappy with the "brightness" of the system (yes I was warned) I bought everything you see above at the same time, So equal break-in was allways a concern. The system is about a 1 year old.
    I have a 2 year old so any chance of turning up the volume past a 1/4 is shortlived.

    Long story short I am in the process of purchasing a Acurus A150 ( 2X150). Yes, it is an older amp but it looks to be in very good condition. If I use this amp to run the A5's and leave the yammy to run the rest as is. Would I be able to hear and improvement in sound. Sorry for the long post.
    Any thoughts on the amp?
    thanks for any cristicism

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    You will notice an improvement as you are sending better/cleaner power to your speakers. Now will it tame the brightness? not sure as I don't know if it's the yammie's processor which "adds" it or is it the amp portion. You are def. on the right track by adding the amp in either case.

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