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    Default Monitor 60 replacement - smaller room

    We moved. The entertainment room is smaller...
    I have Monitor 60's as fronts, CS2 as center and Monitor 30's for rear surrounds.
    Unfortunately it looks like I'll need to sell the Monitors 60's-- too big for room.

    I'm thinking about keeping the CS2 which I really like, using the Monitor 30s as fronts and getting OWM3's for rear surrounds. Any thoughts on whether this will work nicely or any other suggestions?
    Thanks very much.

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    I don't see why not. You may have to get a subwoofer to fill in the lower frequencies but for a small room, with it.

    Curious as to if you plan on putting the 30's on stands or on a shelf. If on stands, are you really gaining any room over the 60's ?

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    Sorry didnt mention-- I do have a subwoofer.
    Good question. I think I'll be able to put the fronts on a shelf, or possibly mount to wall.
    I guess my main questions, I know I'll be losing a fair amount of midrange from the 60s-- are the 30s decent as fronts, will they match up well with the CS2.. should I just scrap the whole setup and go in a different direction..

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    central Texas, trailer court on right


    If you have room for a second pair of 30's for rear duty, why not another set? Price is about the same.

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