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    Default LSI at polk direct

    I noticed that refurbished LSi speakers are listed on polk direct and there are many LSi speakers (34) than rti a. I wondered why? Just curious because my wife asked the same thing. LSi speakers are expensive and people could had grabbed it quickly at good price. Instead I see LSi items are sitting and not selling well? Yea I kept on counting LSi at direct ebay for few weeks. It seemed that people returned a lot of LSi becuz they did not like it?

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    RTi A speakers are easier to drive with reasonable AVR and most people would not want to buy (or may not need to buy) separate amps to drive these speakers. But having the external amps is always a better way to do it.

    LSi speakers are 4 ohms and harder to pair with most AVR if it's not impossible to do so. But it's most preferable that the LSi owner to get an external High Current Amp to drive these speakers. So, there is considerable higher initial investment but this is the better way to go. People returning the LSi may be disappointed simply because their AVR makes the LSi speakers sound bad or can't play loud enough or damage their receiver or damage the LSi Speaker.

    It seems most Electronics store such as BB or CC stores now only carries RTi series and most walk-in customers only see these. So, it seems more people are familiar with RTi series than the LSi series which is a step above the RTi. Therefore, I presume there will be more RTi series searches on eBay than LSi simply because a majority of people don't know the existence of the LSi speakers (and the quality of it) and may simply go for the RTi series without doing more research on different speakers.

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    I'm not so sure the LSi's your seeing on PolkDirect (or any speakers for that matter) are returns, unless they were returned upopened. None of the speakers I got from there (and others have confirmed the same) ever looked used in anyway. The packing was original factory seals (no double tape), and not a darn thing wrong with them. My guess is they are just trying to offload them. Who knows maybe the next LSi series is on its way???

    They put a boatload of them up there, and some people waiting on them , just might be waiting on MS to put the cashback offer up again- who knows.
    Tacking on Shipping and Tax may also be a deciding factor for some.
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