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    Default Speaker recommendations please!

    Knowing of course Polk being my first selection what other speakers would you guys recommend? I'm leaning more towards a good coaxial speaker (a straight up drop-in install) for the front and rear of my 95 Civic Coupe, really don't wanna deal with wiring x-overs and running more speaker wire through the really hard to get to factory door gromets. If I had the desire to compete like I did many years ago I'd have no problems doing it but now only traveling 6 miles to work one way and the occasional weekend trip I'm just looking for a really well rounded coax speaker that sounds good. I will be sending power to them via an Alpine amp and the dual 12's are already installed. Thanks in advance.

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    I like all things Alpine. Pretty much all their stuff is good from the entry level all the way up to the several thousand dollar F1 Status.
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    Eclipse makes some really nice sounding speakers if you don't mind them being a little on the quiet side. When amplified they sound even better. IIRC, Circuit City has the Eclipse coaxials on sale for pretty cheap right now too.

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    amped they will sound nice, need the power though, polk mobilemonitors coax

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