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    Default TSi100 or Monitor 30, or ...?

    I'm looking for a <$600 5.1 speaker setup for my Onkyo TX-SR606 (currently 5.1, thinking about biamping the fronts and maybe adding 7.1 later). I saw the TSi100 @ BB for 199/pr and they have a special this month for a free PSW10 or $199 off a PSW110 or PSW111 w/ a $499 purchase.

    I like the sound of the TSi100 and am looking for bang for the buck. I'm probably 75% HT, 15% music, 10% Xbox.

    I was thinking:
    TSi100 fronts
    CS10 center
    OWM3 surround
    PSW10 puts me just under $600, PSW110 puts me just over $600.

    It looks like I can find Monitor 30's for about half price of the TSi100's and Monitor 40's for the same price as the TSi100's.

    So, my questions are:
    1. Is it ok to biamp the TSi100's w/ the Onkyo 606? If so, is there much difference in SQ?
    2. Should I just get the Monitor 30's instead of TSi100s to save $? How much better are the TSi100s?
    3. Should I get the Monitor 40's instead of TSi100s?
    3. If I get Monitor 30 or 40's would they be voiced the same as the CS10, or do I need to find a CS1?
    4. If I get the Monitor 30 or 40's would they be voiced the same as the OWM3? If not what is the suggested surround speaker, 2 more Monitor 30's?
    5. Is the PSW110 or PSW111 worth the extra $, or should I just go with the PSW10?
    6. Is there another model or brand I should be considering for my price range?

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    I just noticed refurb RTi A1/3 and CSi A4 at Polk Direct in the same price range. Would I be crazy not to get these?

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    RTI A3's front
    CSI A4 center
    RTI A1's rear

    All for under $600

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    Absolutely get the better speakers for the same money at Polk Direct. I bought two LSi7s and an LSiC there. They arrived looking as new and packaged as new (I'm comparing them with LSi9s I bought new from Crutchfield). The only sign they weren't new was they didn't seem to need any breaking in.

    As for the sub, I had (have, stashed away in a corner) a PSW110. It was OK for movies but when asked to play music it sounded as if someone were breaking in through the basement. Not very musical. So I wouldn't splurge to buy one. (Although should be noted I never made much of an effort to dial it in.)

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    I had both a PSW10 and a PSW110. The 110 may have had more oomph and extension but I preferred the 10's controlled sound for music and movies. YMMV. I'd go for the RTis, but the TSis do have the benefit of instant gratification. :)
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    I would jump on the RTi's from Polk Direct.

    I picked up my FXi3's from them and they are perfect and at a great price.

    I was expecting to spend $400-500 for surrounds I ended up spending under $200 for a great speaker. :D

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    I've got a HT set up with the TSi series and I love it. I know they're not the best Polks you can get, but with a pair of 200s and a pair of 100s with the CS10 and PSW110, it is more than enough to shake my living room. The piano black finish gives them an expensive/elegant look and matches my TV and electronics beautifully. Plus, I bought them for 60% off, so I couldn't pass up that deal!
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