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    Default Headphone jack issue

    I find that with a pair of Grado headphones plugged in at the headphone jack by the ipod dock I notice it doesn't go very loud at all and i must crank the volume way up high just to get a pretty low level of sound. Is this normal with the i-sonic? Is there an adjustment for the gain on headphones out? Eric, I noted a website which stated which HD stations were where in the united States so I looked up the closest American city to me to notice that in Belling ham and other parts of Washington there is only one HD station in these cities so that made me know that my unit is fine except the headphone jack is not the best.It is to the point of perhaps faulty in my unit or maybe there is a gain setting like for the AUX IN. Please let me know. This is one fine sounding radio!!

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    Could be the isonic you are using doesn't have enough gain at the output jack for the Grado headphones. You may need a headphone amp. Check the impedance on the Grado's. If it's higher than around 50 ohms you will probably need a headphone amp to get big volume. I have a pair of AKG's that require a headphone amp to get really high volume.
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    Use an external amp. Look on ebay for a CMOY amp. They build them
    in small Altiods tins! Even these simple amps are better than many
    headphone jack outputs. The stock output is made for very efficient (and cheap) headphones. MAny better headphones are a much harder load
    to drive.
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    If you want an even cheaper little amp for your iPod, the Fiio E3 is $10 and supposed to be decent. There is also a slightly more powerful version, the E5, for $23. They nice thing about them is that they are really tiny even relative to CMOYs.

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