Hello- I'm new on this board. I need help which receiver is best for my HT in my basement. I'll already bought the Onkyo TX NR801 used nice receiver 7.1 100 watts per channel. My question is do I need to changed my receiver with the Denon's because both have HDMI connection for my PS3/cable/tv or the Onkyo will be best for my HT. I'm planning to upgrade the front speakers to a bigger ones and used my r300 at the rear speaker.

I have the following equipment right now
52" Samsung LCD 850 Series (Just Bought it 3 weeks ago)
Polk R300 (Front L/R Speakers)
Polk (Center Channel)
Polk R150 (Rear Speakers)
Polk PSW10 (Subwoofer)
Optimus (10" Subwoofer) Like 9 yrs old sub but works great.
PS3 60 gig blu ray (mainly for movies only no games)
XBOX 360