Here in the next couple weeks i will be ordering some speakers from polk... I'm probably going to be getting either 3 pairs of Tsi300's and a CS20 or 2 pairs of Tsi300 a pair of Tsi100 plus the CS20. My question is what to do about the subwoofer(s).

I work somewhere where I am getting 75% off MSRP for all of this, so the money is not a huge issue, but even with that i'm trying to spend less than 200-300 on the sub.

I use the system for probably 70% music and 30% movies, and i'm definitly not into "tons" of bass. Will I get a better quality bass if I go with two smaller subs as opposed to one bigger one? When I listen to music I like less bass and when I watch movies i really do like it to shake everything within half a mile of me. ;)

Also, the reason i can't decide between the 300s and 100s for mids is because either way they are only costing me $68.99 per pair... but I don't necessarily have somewhere to put two extra floorstanding speakers.

The room size is probably 15x12 give or take a little... so basically this long drawn out post basically comes down to two main things:

1. Should I go with one larger sub or two smaller ones
2. Will I be getting the best sound quality from:
a) 6 Tsi300's with a CS20
b) 4 Tsi300's 2 Tsi 100's a CS20
c) 4 Tsi300's no 100's a CS20 and bi-amp the fronts

Also, i will be running all of this with either an Onkyo TXSR606 or the TXSR705

Thanks guys!