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    Default matching center channel


    I am putting together a home theater setup (7.1). I would like to use a pair of RC85i's (in-wall) for the fronts and two pairs of RC60i's (in-ceiling) for the surrounds. Will these sound alright together, since they are part of the same series, or do I need to match the sizes as well? My primary question, however, is about the center channel. The way the room was constructed, there is a rather wide column of studs inside the wall right where the center channel would go, so I need to use an on-wall center instead of in-wall. What center channel speaker should I use? Also, what sub would be recommended for this setup? Sorry for so many questions - I appreciate any guidance you can offer.


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    You don't have to match the rear sizes to the fronts (you're right they're within the same series) but if you're really picky they should be the same size. The difference isn't that big, especially if you're running a sub.

    Since you have to mount your center on-wall, I'd also suggest wall mounted (either on or in) Left and Right speakers if you can. The reason is- your ceiling front speakers will fire sound from the ceiling to the floor, while the center will fire sound across the room (think of the way ceiling mounted lights project light).

    With RCi you can use a CS1, CS2, CS10 or CS20 to match.
    -Polk Audio

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    Default front speakers

    Thank you very much for the reply. I am planning to use in-wall speakers for the fronts. The in-ceiling speakers are only for the 4 surrounds. I think I can aim the rear surround speakers to reflect off of the back wall if you think it will help. Due to the design of the room, on/in wall surrounds are not practical.

    Can you define "really picky"? ;-) When/how would the smaller surrounds be an issue?

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