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    Default RT-10 Woofer Replacement

    I recently decided that I'd replace the woofers in my old RT-10s. I managed to get one woofer and both tweeters replaced near the end of the warranty, but, 7 years later, the older of the two woofers finally gave up the ghost.

    I searched ebay for a while, and came very close to purchasing some RT-7s to scavenge the drivers (fyi, these can be found for around $125-165 shipped). I even saw a pair or two of RT-10s on there, but the shipping on those was too high for me to swallow.

    So, I eventually decided to replace the woofers with some more readily available drivers. I took all the necessary measurements and talked extensively with the folks at Madisound ( I eventually settled on the Silver Flute W20RC38-S, which is an 8", 8 ohm, shielded woofer (

    This woofer is a bit larger than the stock woofer, so I had to use a router to increase the size of the hole (if anyone wants more info on the routing procedure, let me know). The folks at Madisound also suggested adding about 4-6 oz of wool to the inside of the cabinet to control bass response/boom ( Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos during the installation (doh!), but I've attached a few of the finished product.

    After about 60 hours of break-in, I can report that this woofer is a great replacement for the stock woofers in the RT-10s. Bass extension is solid and a bit more controlled than with the stock woofers (the wool may be playing a part here). Midrange performance is on par with the stock woofers. Unfortunately, I don't have the equipment to take Frequency Response measurements, but I've tried them out with a variety of material...and so far, they've passed with flying colors.

    Hope someone finds this info helpful.

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    Definitly doesn't look stock anymore, but a great looking install and I'm glad it sounds good. It's always nice when a speaker "hot rod" project goes well and welcome to the forum.

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    Default How are your rt10s?

    I also need to replace my woofers, by any chance you still have your old single working woofer? also do you remember what the inside of the cabinet looked like? Is it just one big cavity?



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    I am getting ready to replace the woofers in my RT-10's with the Silver Flutes and was wondering if anybody else out there has done this and could provide me with any details of the swap. Also I will have 1 of the original woofers that works and I may consider selling
    it if somebody is looking. Preferably local, in the Milwaukee area.
    Thanks, budzos

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    My RT-10 replacements worked out very well. If anyone needs a original replacement woofer send me an email.
    Thanks, budzos

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    Default Interested in your woofer...!

    I am interested in your working woofer. How much are you asking?


    Gordon Miller

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