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    Default GRrrrr.... thought I knew what to buy...

    OK, so I was all set to go online and buy my RTi A3 mains, CSi A6 center. I was looking at spending about $700 with shipping. Then I see this deal for an RTi6 pair for $200 shipped, and a CSi5 on Amazon for $250!

    So now I'm torn! Is th A3/A6 combo a big improvement on the RTi6/CSi5 combo? And by big I mean $300+ worth of improvement?

    If anyone has heard both of these systems, or knows the real improvements from the RTi to the RTiA series (other than cosmetic -- obviously the wood veneer and curved cabinets on the A3's/A6 are way cooler looking -- I'm strictly talking performance here) PLEASE let me know what they are so I can make an informed decision.


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    Haven't heard them both, but if it's me I save the $300 to put towards a future upgrade. Hopefully someone with more knowledge about the two series will add some insight for you.

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    From what I have read there is a *slight* improvement because the curved design reduces resonance. However, the review I read was talking about floorstanders. I think for the bookshelves you will not see any difference at all, but I have not heard them directly. However, I agree with PSOVLSK that $300 difference is too much to justify paying more for any possible slight improvement.

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    I am new to all this so take it for what it's worth. I bought some RTi 6 speakers, probably from the same person you saw. I got a CSi 3 here and bought a Hsu STF-1 sub. I don't even have my rear speakers connected yet and I can only turn the volume up to about -30 or so. It really sound awesome to me and it gets too loud for my 18 year old son. Not sure how much you guys that have the big speakers and amps crank the volume but this is more than enough for me and my family. Sure going to be hard to convince the wife we need to upgrade.

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