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    Default RTiA1 Surrounds/Receiver power

    My set up is RTiA7 fronts, CSiA6 center, and RTiA1 surrounds, with a DSW micro pro 1000 sub. I have 2 receivers to pick from.... I have a Denon 2309CI and I have an Onkyo TX-SR806. The Denon is 100watts per channel and the Onkyo is 130watts per channel. If I go with the Onkyo, the A7's are good to go as is the A6. But what about the A1's? Their suggested range only goes up to 125watts. I am thinking since they are used for surrounds, it would be OK. Needing a little direction from somebody that knows. Thanks.

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    The more power the better. I wouldn't worry to much about over powering your a1's as most companys over rate there receivers. If you already have both receivers I would try both out to see which one sounds better.

    Also have you thought about using a external amplifier on your system?
    More clean power, better sound.
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    Over the years I have read that most systems normally run at only a few watts per channel except when playing very low lows or the music/movie is full of a lot of information. Only at that time do you need short bursts of extra power. NAD is famous for having great sounding lower watt amps that have the capacity to supply a lot of short term power when needed. I have never heard of an amp having to put out maximum continuous watts except on a test bench. I drive a pair of a1's with an older 55 watt receiver and I can not turn it up past the 1:00 position without my ears hurting. The a1's are efficient speakers. Also, I think it is going to be very hard to hear a difference between 100 watts and 130 watts because you need to double the power to get 3db increase in perceived loudness. I guess I fall into the group that prefers quality watts over quantity watts. Onkyo and Denon are both very fine products-pick out the one you like. Enjoy the listening...

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