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    Aug 2008

    Default Outlaw Audio Subwoofers

    Anybody have one?

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    Oct 2008


    2 of the EX's and I am very happy with them. The bass is tight and deep. I have taken measurements down to 15hz. If you are considering one you can't go wrong.

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    I heard them when they came out at the Home Entertainment show a few years ago in NYC. I thought they performed well. Very well. But no I don't own one.
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    Does Hsu still make them?
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    Default Pulled the trigger

    Thanx for the responses. I ordered the 10'' LFM-1 Compact today and am sure it will be a nice upgrade from my Yamaha 8''.

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    Aug 2008


    iv been hearing alot about these subs lately, ill def have to check them out

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