Hello, a swedish customer here so you'll have to forgive my english.

Before contacting the store where I bought my PSW110 (they are closed over the weekend so I can't contact them until monday anyway) I thought I'd see if anyone here knows what's wrong with it.

The subwoofer is just under one year old and I can't adjust the volume on the back now and the sound coming out of it doesn't sound very good at all anymore. I have tried with three different cables and two different recievers: an Andersson QX5 (swedish low budget brand) and a Onkyo TX-SR606. I've tried all different setting on my reciever and it still doesn't work. So the question is, and it may be very obvious answer, is my subwoofer broken?

I just wanted to check that I haven't overlooked anything simple before contacting the store.

regards, Andreas