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    Default Would like opinions and advice re Rti a9 spkrs

    Hi, newbie here. Glad I found you guys. There seems to be a bunch of experience among the folks here so I will ask an opinion of those who have much more experience then do I.

    I have (inherited) a pair of AR towers, model TSW 810. I have no tech specs because as I mentioned they were given to me. They sound great to me but I really have nothing in this room to compare them with. Nonetheless I want to get new and am interested in the RTi a9's. I will be using a Sony ES TAE 1000 preamp and 2 Parasound High Current Amps, an HCA 1000 and an HCA 1200. The speakers are currently bi amped and i will do the same for the Rti a9's.

    I would like opinions on the RTi a9 and the use of the described amps to drive them. They will be in a loft 16x20 with 9 ft ceilings and carpeted floors

    Any input will be appreciated and if you need any other info please just ask.

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    The more power the better,the Parasound amps will work great with the A9s.
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