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    Default PA1200.1 powerful enough?

    im new and im currently in the process of building my system for my 2002 acura rsx. so far i've bought:

    2 pairs of polk momo 6500
    2 pairs of polk MM651
    1 PA500.4

    im planning on buying 2 SR series subwoofers but im debating wether to get 10's or 12's, leaning more towards 12's, and im planning on getting the PA1200.1 and wondering if this amplifier can power 2 of these to there potential.

    could use some help figurin this out :D

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    Might get better info putting this in the Car Audio section.
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    Yep...I'd repost this in the car audio section. I think there's a section just for subwoofers. Wow...I forget that there even was a car section here. I've been in there like twice...I'm gonna go check it
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