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    Default PA 1100.5 and MM1240's

    I just purchased the following for my truck:
    A pair of MM6501 for the front doors
    A pair of MM5251 for the rear doors
    Two MM 1240svc subs and,
    A PA 1100.5 amp to power it all.

    I know I am going to run the components to the front and rear channels respectively. My problem is with the wiring of the subs. With the two SVC subs I can only run them in parallel to a 2ohm load. I was told that they will be powered sufficently. However, it seems that if I wire them that way each sub will only be powered by 280 watts RMS (140 watts to each sub). Where as if I had the MM1240dvc subs, I would be able to run them to 1ohm, which would produce 600 watts x 1 (300 watts RMS to each sub). Is this correct, or am I not understanding how they will be powered? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    those subs want way more juice, but if your set on that amp maybe u can port them. that amps not 1ohm stable is it??

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