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    Default In-wall speakers on ceiling

    Is it ok to install the in-wall TC615i on the ceiling? Any issues?

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    I'm no expert, but I wouldn't think that would work out. The in-ceiling speakers are designed to be used in the downward facing position, where as the in-walls are designed to be upright.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccn_pa View Post
    Is it ok to install the in-wall TC615i on the ceiling? Any issues?
    I have my 615's in the ceiling, there are no issues. They have aimable tweeters just like the round 610's. The difference is that many people (that don't live in the South) think that ceiling "fixtures" should be round. In the South, without basements, the hvac is ducted from the attic and they use square or rectangle diffusers - so, the rectangle are preferable to me to ceiling mount because, right now, I still live in the South.

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    You can use in-walls in the ceiling- the only consideration is installation. With a round speaker, you can't get it crooked. With a rectangular speaker, it's much easier to get crooked because a bubble level won't work on a ceiling!
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