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    Default Abnormally loud commercial caused center to clip twice

    I don't know if anyone has experienced this before, but I was watching TV over the weekend this this local Lexus dealer commercial plays and it's roughly TWICE the volume of any other commercial/show. It caused my Center Speaker to clip badly. This commercial played a second time later on in the hour and caused my speaker to clip again!

    At this point, how do I assess if my speaker is damaged or not? It sounds ok right now... but I'd like to know a way to test and be sure. Thanks in advance!

    Fronts: Energy RC-70
    Center: Energy RC-LCR
    Surrounds: Energy Veritas 1.0CM
    Subwoofer: SVS PC12-NSD
    Receiver: Onkyo TX-SR705
    Amplifier: Denon POA-2200 w/ Ben's ICs

    Pics of my setup (click me)

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    If it sounds ok, it's probably is fine. Your amp clipped, not the speaker. Check the audio settings on your tv / cable box for a 'level' or 'AI' sound setting. That should help keep the volume at a consistant level, regardless of how it's sent down the pipe.

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