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    Default Monitor 40s, TSi100 or TSi200?

    First time poster here. I need a recommendation about which speaker to get. My HT setup is the following:
    fronts - Monitor 5jr+ (from ~1988)
    center - CS10
    surround - TSi100, (spare R15's not currently used)
    AVR - Denon 1603
    TV - Sony KDF-E50

    The space I have is a 10' long built-in cabinet/bookcase unit where the 5jr+s can only lay on their side. The TSi100's are also in the bookshelf because wiring them in a rear location is not feasible right now. So my question is, would you recommend I keep the setup I have now, move to another pair of TSi100s for the fronts (upright), or move up to the Monitor 40 or TSi200s which I will have to lay on their side (less than ideal, but space dictates this).

    Comparing the sound of the TSi100s to the 5jr+, I prefer the TSi's slightly warmer and less "airy"/tighter sound. But the 5jr+ does sound a little louder, as I guess it should since it's about 2x bigger. Local stores carry the 100/300/400 but not the TSi200 so I would have to mailorder those at total cost of ~$350. Amazon has the Monitor 40 for $200+shipping but would these be a good match to my center and sats? So I can't audition whether the larger speaker on its side would sound better than the smaller one upright. Maybe someone here can comment from personal experience. I was actually ready to give away the 5jr+ because I hadn't used them in years but decided at the last minute to give them another try.

    Thanks. Tom

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Don't know the 5jr+, but I can tell you that I have a friend who tried to lay a pair of M40's on their side and said it just didn't sound right!

    I'm pretty sure you'll have to keep those M40s (TSI-200s) upright. Otherwise, the new design of the TSI-100s give them a bit more bass than the previous M30's, if that's a consideration.

    Will have to check the archives on your 5's.

    Anyone else? How about the long-timers?

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    Thanks cnh.

    I may be better off with another set of TSi-100s upright vs spending at least $100 more to have the M40s or TSi-200s on their side and sound worse.

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