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    Default Second PSW120 or New PSW505

    My setup

    Yamaha Rx-v663
    Mitsubishi WD-73736

    I have a opportunity to purchase a second psw120 for $60 but will I be better of just replacing the existing psw120 with a psw505. Also if I do get the 505 would it sound bad to run the 120 with it since they are not matched.


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    How do you like the PSW120 for bass? If you like them, then a second one for $60 isn't much. The PSW120 have speaker level inputs, so if you have two of them, you can put one each at the side surrounds for bass enhancement and run the PSW505 off the LFE.

    To do this, you need to set your surrounds as large and subwoofer to plus depending on the receiver you have. That is how I ran mine with my Monitors except that I used the PSW10's at the surrounds. I like the bass enhancement on the surrounds during movies and multichannel music. Just a thought.
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    Thanks for the reply I think I will pick up the PSW120 and add the PSW505 later.

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    CK - I have almost the same speakers as you do. I currently have one PSW505 and have been very happy with it! I upgrade from a PSW303 about a year ago, and am using the 505 in the basement media room which is on the large side (approx. ~12' x ~30' x 8'H). It fills the room quite easily with good bass...

    However, I am about to switch it out with a microPro 1000, as soon as I set it up this week. I'm looking to run two subs myself, and don't like the real estate that two 505s need.

    You can get a new 505 online for $250 shipped, from an authorized dealer. I ordered one just last month, but turn around and sold it on CL for the same price.

    Good luck!
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