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    Default Small Bedroom Stereo Setup (LSi 7 + Sub)

    I'm sort of new on stereo setup, and to the Polk forum, but I'm trying to make an ideal, somewhat cost-effective stereo setup connected to my desktop in my office. I have a fairly high-end desktop and will mainly be playing high bitrate (320 / vbr / FLAC) mp3's, as well as games.

    I work indirectly for Polk audio in a retail store and acquired the LSi 7's at a GREAT price, I will also be pairing them w/ a JBL sub 12 (also a deal). I may switch these for the LSi 9's currently in the living room at a later date, so I'd like a bit of expandibility. (assuming I can get the LSi 15's to replace the 9's in the HT)

    I was originally considering powering them with an H/K 3490, but thought much better of it and found the Emotiva UPA-2 a good idea. However, there is no subwoofer output or crossover. On the desktop end, my soundcard of choice would be the HT OMEGA Claro (, but I see no subwoofer output.

    So I guess my questions would be...

    Is this a good soundcard option, and if so what's the easiest way to add a subwoofer? If not, what would you, the polk professionals :), recommend?

    Could I implement a relatively inexpensive crossover to solve this problem?

    Is the emotiva overkill and/or should I just get a stereo receiver?

    Thanks in advance, any responses are appreciated, and I will try to respond with any missing info etc. as quickly as possible.

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    Don't know about the soundcard, but run the sub off the pre-amp outputs on the amp. Of course, that assumes the sub accepts pre-amp inputs.

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    How did I not... notice that...

    Thanks, should work fine w/ the soundcard all things considered

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