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    Default One channel-78rpm mono

    I finally converted the Hagerman Bugle phone preamp that I have used for 33 rpm vinyl into the Bugle Pro. Now I can use it for 33 (RIAA) or any 78s. It has 6 settings for bass and treble changes so playback can be optimized any of the old eq settings. It also has a mono/stereo switch. I am using an Orofon 78 mono cartridge on a Dual 1209 turntable. I am going to replace the wire in the arm with Cardas 33 ga tonearm wire. The Bugle sounded great for 33 rpm vinyl so it should be great for this car load of classical recordings I got from Shelby. Thanks I finally can hear them. If you want to hear them let me know. Havent listened very much yet. I need to fire up the steam cleaner and use the diy record cleaner I made. So many changes in the system lately my head is spinning. Good tunes.
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    D: SDTrans384 via I2S Teleporter-> Twisted Pear Audio Buffalo III DAC w Legato III I/V via XLR to Relaixed2 Preamp via XLR to Parasound A-21-> SDA-2.3 w/ RDO, Soniccrafts caps, Larry's Rings;
    A:Dynavector DV-10x5-> Nothingham Spacedeck-> TPA Retro via XLR to Relaixed2;

    C: Flac with Mediamonkey4 via coax SPDIF from Juli@24/192 -> Buffalo III
    V: Vinyl rips-> ESI Juli@24/192-> SPDIF-> Buffalo III

    SACD: Sony 333es via RCA

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