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    Default Monitor 10b Tweeter and X/O Upgrade

    First post. Been lurking and doing a lot of research for a while here, great site and info.
    I've owned my Monitor 10b for over 18 years, purchased new and are in excellent shape. I convinced the wife to keep them in the living room for now and had planned to move them into another room later when we get the addition to the house built, but on hold for now.
    From what I have gathered for the x/o upgrade, preferences here with the RDO-194 tweeters is the Sonicap 12uF cap for the hi pass filter and Dayton 33uf for the bass filter. The other 12uF cap (original electrolytic) which I have heard referred to as the RC Contour Network, does one prefer a higher quality cap such as the sonicap? Would a Mundorf M-Cap MKP 33uF work for the low pass. I'm in Canada so I'm trying to avoid purchasing from too many different suppliers to cut down on border cost and such.

    Also, if upgrading to the RDO-198 tweeter, it seem that only the 0.4mH inductor be changed to a 0.27mH and the 2.0 ohm resistor to a 2.7 ohm. For the inductor, which gauge and what resistance of the inductor to keep the resistance for the tweeter within limits? BTW.... I got this info from the schematic for the Monitor 10-SL3000. I hope its the right one for the 198's.

    Still have not totally decided to go with the 194 or with the 198 (opinions welcome). Regardless, depending of the tweeter I choose to go with, the x/o will be upgraded including the resistors, but not the 1.55mH inductor unless absolutely necessary. Sonicaps for the hi pass is for certain.

    BTW... the 10b's I have are with the SL2000 tweeters and MW6503.

    Thank you for your time. Just want to make sure I am on the right track.


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    Neil- I think that you will get many replies to your questions if you repost this in the Vintage Forum in lieu of this forum.


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    Thanks Russ. Post is in the Vintage section.


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