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Thread: 8in subs?

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    Default 8in subs?


    First off I love my polk sr5250, they sound f`in amazing. I had them over a month or so now, and there is no way I will trade these away. But however, I noticed that I need lower lows than what the sr5250 provides. Its a shame that polk didn't make a 8in sr series, and I'm left with the mobile monitors 8in (only size that will fit under the rear seat). So I was wondering what are your thoughts on mm840 sub and if there are any other 8in subs I should consider, let me know (max 4in depth). I chose this sub because its a polk (sr series really made me a fan), and it fits my back seat perfectly.

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    That sub would be a perfect match. The 5250's will play down to 50 Hz with little problem. Below that they do get a little sloppy. Stick with 63 Hz with around a 24db/octave crossover slope and then take the 8 up to 80 with as steep a slope as possible and see how that sounds. It should work nicely.
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    I'll see how it goes next weekend :D

    Thx for the advice!

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