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Thread: Small test

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    Default Small test

    I keep reading on here that LSi9s need a separate amp. I decided to put mine through a small test yesterday.

    My friend gave me a pair of LSi9s and a LSiC, about two weeks ago. Yesterday was my first chance to put them through some paces. I live in a basement apartment, so usually can't play stuff very loud, though I can play them kinda loud. My 75 yr. old stepfather lives upstairs. He had a doctors appointment, so I figured this would be a good time to try the speakers.

    I put the movie "Transformers" in, and turned the volume up to 00.0, which is pretty darn loud on my Onkyo 805. People on the next block could probably hear it. I jumped to scenes that had lots of action. I listened to about 45 minutes of this movie, at this volume, and everything sounded great. I got up and felt the receiver to see if it was hot. It was warm, but no trouble holding my hand on it for as long as I wanted to. My receiver is on top of the entertainment center, instead of on the shelf that housed former receivers.

    The speakers were very clear. Even at this loud volume, you could hear each of the different things going on in all the action scenes. Even the subtle things in the background, while the loud explosions and such was happening. Even though I like my sub, I wish I could afford an SVS sub, to top things off.

    My little Sony surround speakers even did ok in the test. They are 8 ohm. I don't know what kind of effect this had with the LSi's being 4 ohm, or how it affected the test. Maybe one of these days, I'll meet someone locally, that has 4 ohm speakers that I can hook up as my surrounds, and really put my receiver to the test. Next time my stepfather goes to the doctor, I'll try again, at an even louder volume (if the neighbors on the next block don't send the cops). For this little test, I was very pleased with the results. :D
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    Go Onkyo!!!! Take that all you Onk haters, lol.
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    Blu-Ray- 80 GB PS3

    2 CH rig (in progress)
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    It's not that I'm insensitive, I just don't care.. :D

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    Onkyo has some badass stuff IMO. I've been driving my Monitor 7A's with my 606 for the last few days, and it's doing a great job. It's not even really getting as hot as it was with my old speakers, which were 8 ohms. These 7A's are listed as 8 ohms, but from what I've gathered, it's really more like 6 ohms, sometimes dipping down to below 4 ohms. The Onk's been able to handle it just fine though.
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