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Thread: Pearl Jam

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    Default Pearl Jam

    One of my fav bands...thought you PJ fans might be interested to know that the original album is being reissued with a new remix by Producer by B O'brien. it supposedly sounds cleaner with a more direct sounding remix sans all the effects on the original mix. also available in vinyl
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    I'd love to see "No Code" given the SACD touch. The recording on that album is phenomenal, the sonic textures produced by the lowly CD version is outstanding. The vynil version is one of the better modern rock recordings available.
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    awsome. got to get this

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    I will have my copy.. I love TEN
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    Will be picking up the vinyl version of this for sure. Would love to be able to find Vs. on vinyl, no need for a re-mix on that one, IMO one of the greatest rock records ever.
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