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    Smile -New to home theather-Sound Question

    I have just recently got into the surround sound deal.I had a pair of rt600is for the longest time and still have them but i decided to get a pair of rt800is and just got a cs400 center channel. great so far proabably getting either a psw650 or psw505 subwoofer.But my question it normal for one of the speakers on the rt800is or on the cs400 center channel to be lower in volume than the other like my lefts are louder than the rights on both speaker let me know this could be normal or maybe not. Im new to this so any info would be helpful thanks.
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    What AVR (receiver) are you using? It should have the ability to adjust the volumes so they all match. Some will have a microphone and they do some automated tests and automatically set the proper volumes for you (such as Audyssey)
    The way your speakers are positioned, how close to or far from the walls, the general room size and construction can all have an impact on how the sound is perceived from each speaker. So calibrating them so they are equal to each other is important to getting good sound.
    You may consider buying an SPL (Sound Pressure Level) meter to get more accurate results to measure the output of each speaker. They are about $50 at Radio Shack.

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    Yeah, see if you have audessy other than that you should have the ability to manually adjust the channel level for each speaker.

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