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    Default Tuning Baby Steps ;)

    I managed to get the input and output levels of the crossover set with the amplifier gains set to zero still.

    First, I noticed that when i turn the amp gains up, I start to get a quiet hiss from the speakers. This noise is present when playing music even if the volume knob is set to zero. Is a little of this noise usual... or should it be completely silent?

    Also, concerning timing. Will adjusting the timing to make the driver's side sound better always make the passenger's side sound worse? It seems to me like timing adjustments would be used to make the sound arrive at one single point at the proper time.

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    I would double check the ground wires maybe? Everytime I've ever had problems like this is was a ground problem. I hope that helps:)

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    Quote Originally Posted by rallyshark View Post
    I would double check the ground wires maybe? Everytime I've ever had problems like this is was a ground problem. I hope that helps:)

    Very Good advice!, Try to use the same grounding point for all your amps if possible. Make sure the ground point is completely free of paint and that the wires all make a good connection.

    I have also had hiss or engine noise when the power wires, source & speaker wires were too close to each other.

    Is the Hiss there when the engine is off?
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    Yes, the hiss is present with the engine off. Actually, I can get it where the hiss is inaudible ( basically I have to put my ear directly on the grill to hear it) even with the engine off IF my 500.4's gains are at zero.

    Seems I found an answer for the timing question, though it wasn't the one i was hoping for, since it seems from the solution that adjusting timing will only help one listening point and hurt the rest.
    My HU's manual says that timing delay can be calculated by:
    A = (B-C)/34
    A= Delay Time(ms)
    B= Distance from listening position to the furthest speaker(cm)
    C=Distance from the listening position to the speaker to be adjusted(cm)

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    Try and run a ground from the head unit to the ground on the amp, you can just run some 18awg wire over the seats from the radio to the amp...if that helps, then hide the wire and run it back properly, if it doesn't, then you didn't waste your time hiding all the wires.
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    "hiss" hints to the fact that your levels are improperly matched. the signal from the RCA may be 2V for example. there's an associated noise floor with this signal.

    if the amp's gain control is set to MATCH the 2V input, then the noise floor will be low enuff to be unnoticeable. this is the point of gain control on an amp. gain is not volume.

    if u thought the music was too quiet with the gains low, then u need a more powerful amp. turning up the gain raises the output for the music AND the noise.

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