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Thread: Mixing subs

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    Default Mixing subs

    I have a 6.1 system built around a Onkyo TX-SR806 reciever, 3 VM 20's upfront and 3 VM 10's in the rear, and a DSW Pro 600 Sub. I was thinking of adding a second sub...

    For a second sub will it be ok to mix my DSW 600 with something like a DSW Micro Pro 1000 or should I use a matched pair of subwoofers? Also since I want to put the second sub in the back of the room would it be ok to run the wires for the rear channels through the sub and use the built in LPF or would I be better off splitting the LFE out of the reciever and running a long sub cable to the second sub?

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    I would stick with the same sub.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leroyjr1 View Post
    I would stick with the same sub.

    I'd run a y-adapter out of your AVR's LFE out and use that to hook up the two subs rather than running it off of the rear speakers.
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    Yeah, you can mix subs for HT. Why not?

    I currently run two different subs or HT. Sounds great.
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    I am currently running two DSW Pro 600s and one of them is placed in the rear of the room like what you are thinking about doing. I like the rear sub. People ask me all the time why I put it there. Frankly I didn't have any more room up front so I put it at the rear of the room. I like the way it fills in the whole room with nice strong bass during movies. I do tend to turn the rear sub on night mode however when listening to music, but I am running towers all the way around, so bass is not an issue.

    I added a Y adapter at the reciever and ran two sub cables to the subs and they sound great. I also own the DSW Pro 400 and 500 and have tried both of them in the rear sub position with the DSW 600 as my front. They all sound good together in every combination! The only reason I got the 600 was I got a super deal on one when Tweeter went out of business. Given that, I would get whatever you got a good deal on.

    BTW, I was running this setup with an Onkyo 806 also and it sounded great (I have since replaced the 806 with a Denon 2809 and moved the Onkyo downstairs and paired it with the DSW Pro 500, 400 combo). I think you'll like it. Let us know how it goes.

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    I have the 500 up front,and the 600 in the rear. i love the combination + i saved an extra $100. the 500 sounds a little tighter to the 600 so ithink they work well together.
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    Don't use a different sub.
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    Thanks for the advice guys!

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