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    Default Any Jeff Golub fans out there?

    Was listening to the cable music channels - smooth jazz - and on comes Jeff Golub's "Wanna Funk".

    This song demands to fill the room - driving groove and punchy bass, kickin brass and Jeff's guitar just jamming.

    I had this cut cranked up - the sonic goodness was enveloping :D

    I gotta get this. It's from the album "Out of the Blue".

    Anyone else have this? Is the rest of the album worth buying?

    H9: If you don't trust what you are hearing, then maybe you need to be less invested in a hobby which all the pleasure comes from listening to music.

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    I am a big fan of Jeff, have a couple of his: soul seasons and temptations. Like em both. Not familiar with out of the blue, though.
    I am sorry, I have no opinion on the matter. I am sure you do. So, don't mind me, I just want to talk audio and pie.

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