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    Kchill, have you tried to play a regular CD yet? Do you have a CD player or a CD capable DVD player?
    What volume level are you trying? Does it sound different at different levels?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cnh View Post
    I have to agree, Yamahas do sometimes have some decent stereo sound, relatively speaking (of course nothing will compare with separates--but we're just speaking about receivers here)

    Also Onkyos 876, 906 and last years 805, 875, 905 sound pretty good in two channel for a surround receiver.

    Some people like the higher level Marantz 7000 and 8000 series. But all of these receivers are not inexpensive.

    Of course almost everyone here buys a separate 2 or 3 channel 200W per channel amp and uses even their Onkyo 906 as a pre-amp?

    I find even cheaper Yamahas somewhat musical in stereo. Though I prefer and own Onkyos I had a mid-level Yammie at one point that I liked in stereo.

    Just a quick question (sorry if it doesn't pertain to the question OP asked). You mentioned a lot of receivers, including Marantz. I was thinking about getting the SR 5003. This is not the higher level Marantz 7000 and 8000 series that you mentioned though. Would the 5003 still be a decent receiver if I wanted to listen to the tuner or play a CD in stereo?

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    All A/V receivers are a musical compromise to convenience.

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    I spit on receivers.

    If music sounds better in a DSP mode as opposed to stereo...there are a couple of options.

    Something is broken / not set up properly
    The OP doesn't know (or doesn't like) real stereo.

    Without knowing a bunch about the setup, we could what-if it all day. If I had to guess, he prefers all the ambient noise that surround produces and that the music he listens to is probably not all that well recorded and/or the source ain't all that great.

    Sure recipe for poor 2ch experience.

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    Sounds more so a speaker problem.I have to imagine at one time,it must have sounded good to him,so what changed? Playing flac?? Sticky fingers on the volume knob? Wired up wrong,or he has some of the plastic caseing from the speaker wires in the binding posts at one of the connections.Who knows.....Take it all apart and rewire it up one piece at a time.

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    In an earlier post of this thread I mentioned that I was not sure if I liked the warm sound of HK 247 paired with Polk T90e speakers. So I tried Yamaha RXV-363 to see the difference and if I liked the Yamaha sound.

    Not only the sound of HK was louder at the same decibel settings of the receivers, but I thought it gave more oomph and clarity. The Dolby Pro Logic II setting of HK 247 gave better sound than 'straight stereo' or 'enhanced 2ch' of the Yamaha. I prefer the HK sound after the A/B comparison. Sound quality and perception is subjective and I believe it's better to try out a couple receivers on your list before coming to a conclusion.

    I will be returning the Yamaha - happy with HK at this price range :)
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