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    Default Advice for two subs connection


    I recently obtained a new PWS10 (does not have LFE in)
    I also already have a PWS303 (has LFE in)
    The receiver I am using is a Harmon Kardon AVR230

    Now, from what I have read around the web the consensus seems to go the 'Y' adapter route when there are two LFE ins.
    In my case unfortunately there isn't

    So in reading various forums, manuals etc I came up with a few 'possible' options
    1) connect PWS303 to 1 side of the Y adapter 1, Have a second 'Y' adapter connecting the L/R of PWS10 then connect it to Y adapter 1. Connect to subout
    2) connect one of the L/R in PWS10 into the 'Y' adapter. Connect to Sub out Will need advice on how to adjust gain etc.
    3) connect PWS10 L/R to the L/R Preamp out, and PWS303 to the subout
    4) The PWS10 L/R to a Y into subout and the PWS303 into the L/R preamp out

    There are several other options but they are basically variations of the same thing. Also advice on how to adjust frequency etc would appreciated.
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    I should probably mention when I say preamp out I mean the outs in the back of the AVR. Just to avoid confusion.
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    Came back to check responses and noticed I wrote the model numbers wrong (though I pretty sure it is easily assumed)


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    It's not really recommended to use two different subs at the same time. The two subs together could potentially actually make things sound worse...going the dual sub route you really want to have a matching pair of subs.

    That being don't need to hook up to both of the inputs on the back of the PSW10. Hooking up to just one of the inputs will be just fine.

    Just get a 1 male to 2 female ya adaptor, and two coax cables, and you'll be good to go.
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    I would use both subs. I once had three subs but they wore me out, but that is another story.

    OK, hook them up, you can stack and corner load them for the biggest sound boost, or put one in the front of the room and one in the back, you might want to play with the phasing, using two subs greatly limits the chance of room nodes at a particular frequency. Run some sweeps with test tones. Put your subs where you sit using a long connect and crawl around the room and see where it sounds best.

    Have a great day.

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    At various times in the past I have had 2 subs, 3 subs and 4 subs. In my experience, for music I would use 2 matching subs set up in stereo, not LFE. I do not recommend 2 different subs for music.

    But, for movies I would put the better sub up front and the lesser sub either beside or behind my listening position. Of course, variables, such as room size, location of the listening position, quality/charactersistics of the subs and the rest of the system make it difficult to generalize.


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