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    Default Need help.. Adcom or rotel

    Hey guys im wondering what amp to get as i might be able to get these cheap in Canada.. Choices are a Rotel RB985 THX.. Series 1... or a Adcom GFA-555mk2 or a GFA-7400... or the Harman Kardon 2.1 Signature or the
    Parasound HCA-1500A or the Anthem MCA-3.. i will be running 2 RTI10's, 1 CSIa6 and so far it seems 2 FXIa4 or a6's.. What do you guys suggest? Thanks in advance

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    I would definately look at a 5 channel. Rotel and Adcom are both good amps. I would say it all depends on how much you can get them for. I currently have two five channel Rotels 1095&1075 and they're great.

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    Rotel is a 5 channel but its only 100 x 5 at 8ohm.. Getting it for $400 cdn.. older amp but apperently works flawless.. i just dont know if its enough power for the speakers i mentioned before

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