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    Default Back of speaker case rattling


    I bought a pair of these KLH Speakers for $20 on Craigslist to fix up for a friend and give it to him as a present since he has some beyond crappy speakers at the moment. I bought them and hooked them up and noticed one of the speakers, the back was coming out. So I was like, oh god, here we go, I hit it and it went back in, and is still rattling. What do you guys suggest to make it stay in place. Will super glue do the trick? It's only the bottom of the back. If I put some pressure on it it goes away without a problem. If the casing on the back is messing up like that, does that mean the speaker practically becomes useless, or will super glue or some type of substance put it back in its place and the speakers can take another line of beatings?

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    Try gorilla glue instead. It expands as it cures, so it fills in the gaps.

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