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    Thumbs up Animal Collective

    So, I heard this song by Animal Collective on our local radio statio KCRW the other day and I've been pretty obsessed ever since. I know these guys have been around a few years and are from New Jersey, but thats about it. I did a search on Club Polk and nothing came up, so I thought I'd share. Based on the concert footage I've seen, I think they would be a lot of fun to see live.

    Here's the a still video (sound only) to Summertime Clothes:

    Here's another song, also off of their latest album, entitled Merriweather Postpavilion, which I like nearly as much (better sound):
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    I've heard these guys quite a few times...I've never really been able to dig em very much though. They definitely have a very unique style.

    Edit-Just watched those videos. Very unique band for sure...but not really my cup of tea.
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