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    Default Polk PA1200.1 - keeps cutting out and in...

    Hey guys, I've got a rather annoying problem with my Polk PA1200.1 Monoblock amp. when I play it at high volumes it just cuts out after about half an hour or an hour of listening time!!!!! Its connected to my alpine CDA9987 and powers a Polk SR124DVC subwoofer. The blue lights and everything are still on, so I know its still powered up, but it just doesn't deliver anything to my sub!! It comes back to life a day or two later, and its like nothing happened at all...until it just cuts out again when I listen to loud music! It doesn't seem to be excessively hot so I dont think its over heating, and my gain is only set to about half since I dont like a very loud low end. I'm totally lost as to whats happening and I'm about ready to rip this amp out and go with another brand - JL audio or ARC audio.... Anyone who knows anything about this - please help!!!
    Polk SR 6500 (front)
    Polk SR 6500 (rear)
    Polk SR 124 DVC
    Polk1200.1 Monoblock
    ARC Audio SE 4200(signature edition 4 channel Amp)
    /////Alpine PXE-H650 Imprint Processor (returned to Crutchfield...didnt sound as good as its slated out to be!)
    /////Alpine CDA-9887
    Jamo 2.5mm home theater spkr wires, Monster RCA's

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    You'd probably get more response posting this in the car audio section of the forum.

    By the way, welcome to Club Polk.:)
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    Yamaha P-300 turntable/TCC TC-750 phono preamp
    Acurus L10 preamp
    Adcom GFA-545 power amp
    PolkAudio SDA 2A's/PolkAudio Monitor 7A's
    Audioquest Type 4 speaker cables
    Audioquest Sidewinder IC's
    Audioquest Black Mamba IC's
    Signal Cable Analog II IC's

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