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    Default Surround Speaker Question

    Hello, we are in the process of finishing our basement and I can't decide what kind of rear surround speakers to purchase for a 7.1 system. This is what I am currently looking at buying....

    Onkyo TX-SR806
    Polk RTI A7 for front left and right
    Polk CSI A4 for center channel
    Polk FXI A4 for side surrounds
    Polk PSW125 sub

    The room is a 20x19 (pretty square) with 58" plasma on one wall, couch and chairs about mid room in semi circle. The back wall of this room is a wall of closets with 13 feet of bifold doors consuming the 19ft width. This is where I will put my rear surround speakers. At first I was going to purchase the polk RTI A1 bookshelf speakers and hang them for my rears before I realized that they are kinda bulky (in height and depth) and was worried about them getting knocked off the wall by kids throwing balls etc. Also without much sheetrock wall since a lot of it is bifold doors I decided not to go that route. I did find the Polk VM10 speakers and wanted to mount them horizontaly between two set of doors about 6 ft high and point them downwards using the cradle that comes with them. These speakers are only 5" wide and 5" deep vs the bookshelf being almost 12" deep.

    Are these good speakers to put together with the other ones that I have picked out? Keeping in mind they need to be able to handle a 130w reciever output. I am spending enough on the other speakers I sure don't want to give up on quality. I would just stick something on a stand behind the couch but my 14 month old son will find it fun to grab the stand and yank them over. Sorry for long explination, I look forward to hearing your input.

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    I think I would also look at the OWM3 or depending on just how much room you have the OWM5 is due to be released in March. Info on the OWM5 is somewhat confusing. Photo shows 2 mid drivers spec sheet is the same as the OWM3 (1 mid driver)


    You might also want to consider this sub

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