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    Default FXi A4 as fronts?

    I've been pacing myself in my setup. So far I have an Onkyo sr606 and CSi A4. I've hooked up four other cheap speakers from a cheap HTIB for the fronts and surrounds until I can afford better speakers.

    I recently got some FXi A4s which I will ultimately use as my surrounds. The question I have is, any problems with using those as my fronts until I get proper speakers? They're better speakers than what I have now, and since more sound will come out of the front, doesn't it make sense to use the A4s up front for awhile.

    I hope to get RTi A5s or maybe A7s eventually.

    Thanks for your input

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    They're designed for surrounds not fronts. You can try it out to see but I don't think they can handle front duty and with two tweeters they might sound kind of funky.

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    If you don't have anything else for the time what you got to do. I'm betting he knows they are meant for surround applications.

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