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    Default Yamahas go on a diet new RXV line?

    Hi Everyone,

    There seems to be a trend to downgrade power, weight, etc in newer entry to mid-level receivers?

    Look at the following comparison between the Yamaha RXV-663 and the 665.


    1Khz , 0.9percent, THD, 8ohms

    Dynamic Power (IHF)
    95/110/130/150 watts Front speakers 8/6/4/2 ohms

    weight 18.7lbs

    power consumption 270 watts only 30 or so more than the RXV-365??


    20hz-20Khz, .06 percent THD, 8ohms. 95 watts (notice the different set point for the wattage ratings)

    Dynamic Power (IHF)
    135/165/195/240 at 8/6/4/2 ohms Front L/R speakers

    weight 26.4lbs.

    power consumption 400 watts.

    Now tell me the audio sections of these two amps are equivalent? But the price is comparable?

    Of course there are some HDMI, etc.

    Cost cutting?

    Also there is no 865 yet but there is a 765 that is a bit more like the 663?

    Anyone noticing the same process for other manufacturers.

    Certainly the Onkyo 806 has lost a bit of audio that the 805 had. the 805 was pretty similar to the 875 internally except for video processing, the 806 and 876 are different.

    Just an observation for us mid-tier boys and girls.


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    I’ve always wished Yamaha would just make a pre-amp processor that was affordable. That way we wouldn’t have pay for amplification twice.:p

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    Yamaha completely revised their receiver line-up this time around. I thought maybe moving to digital amp sections would explain the weight change, but they didn't do that. The 665 is not the equivalent of the 663, the 765 is. The weight difference is because of the transformer. The 765 now has the 500 VA transformer that used to be in the 663. The 665 has a smaller 320 VA transformer.

    They did add two more HDMI inputs and removed the S-VHS inputs on the 665. In effect, it's a significant price increase just considering the amplifier section, but the product does have more content now.
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    P.S.- they finally decided to get away from the ugly orange...
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    Actually the orange looked a lot worse in the pictures than it does in real life.:p But everything else in my set up uses blue, so that would have been nice.

    Good thing I have the 663 it would be hard for me to decide if the extra $100 would be worth what you get for it. At least the 663 is still available, but I think it is a little deceptive marketing to make the 765 the upgraded 663 and have a 665 model that IMHO is a downgrade. I'm not one to push specs, but for an observant person like cnh it made it visible what they did.

    I think it's just a sign of the times and expect to see more of this (cheapening up of newer products but maintaining price, increasing profit margin). Right now I think everyone is in the survival mode.

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    Even i feel the same, think 663 is still worth better than the 665 or even 765,
    the price is quite steepier.
    If i can sell mine for a good price my next upgrade would be a Refurb or a new onk 706 (i would like to try) may be a risk, considering the failure rate which is reported by so many. My brother still owns a RXv 995 its one solid AVR which is still running after 6 years of service.

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    Looks like the RX-V465 and up models has HDMI processing for SACD. Awaiting confirmation from Yamaha despite reading the owner's manual.

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    I've had yammi's for years. My parents bought me a 2 channel rig in81' and it lasted me 20years and the sound was excellent. I can't say the same for y new rx-v receiver. The sound quality is not what it used be. I'm just saving up for seperates.

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