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    Default Will CS20 Center be timbre matched to Monitor 60's (T90e's)

    I have a set of T90e's which are the same as the Monitor 60's. I have the OWM3 as surrounds and have been looking for a CS2 and am unable to find any online or locally in BLACK.

    I know the CS10 and CS20 is for the Tsi series which I think I read is the new monitor series. Can I go with the CS20 and have it match nicely with the T90e's? Anyone done this? Thanks.

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    I would say yes. Just a remodel of the original. Same speakers different cabnet.
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    The TSi/CSi series speakers are basically just the newer version of the Monitor series. They're essentially the same speakers, so yes, you'll be fine using a CS20.

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    +1 time to beat a dead horse, lol. The TSi series is pretty much the same as the Monitor's, and will match nicely with what you have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wutadumsn23 View Post
    +1 time to beat a dead horse, lol. The TSi series is pretty much the same as the Monitor's, and will match nicely with what you have.
    No way, had this setup...CS20 center channel is a bit more "smooth" accross bright end unlike the shrieks of the monitors. The TSI is more theater like than the monitors...Ive had a number of tests done with the monitors with various setups before settling on a choice.
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    Sorry kdog, going to have to disagree as far as wether it will match. I'm running the CS20 with Monitor 70's for my front soundstage and I think it sounds great. And honestly the shrieks you speak of don't occur with my Denon 1910. If you have things set up right with the eq there should be no issues.

    I love my CS20/Monitor front...I say go for it

    Plus the question isn't if he should buy Monitor or TSI towers, it's if he should get the CS20 to add to his current towers. From what you're saying the CS20 will outperform his monitors, and since when is that a bad thing? If he is really that impressed by the sound of the CS20 over his current fronts then he just has something new to upgrade to ;)
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    Default Related Question

    I just bought the Polk Monitor 70 floor speakers and Polk Audio RC85i In-Wall Speakers. I also purchased new center channel. I ordered the Polk Audio CSI-A4 center channel because it was smaller in size to the CS20 center channel. Do you think they will work together or will I have a timbre match issue? Is there any way to adjust? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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