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    Default help with RTA-12Bs

    I have a set of RTA-12bs that have all four 6.5 drivers locked up and or burned up. They were powered by unknown amp and I want to get them back In shape. I will be useing a B+K ST 202+ for power and a PT-3 with a remote. I have crown ce series 4000 also and 2 peavey 2600 amps . I am a classic rock listener and want to set up for that. also have another set of SDA-SRS2 speakers. which set is better for old rockin roll? gotta go let me know ,thanks for your time. JT

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    contact Polk customer service and you can order replacement drivers. Price will be about $48 each plus shipping. Chances are the tweeters may be blown too, the RDO-194 replacements are also $48. You also might want to check out the crossovers for damage. Unfortunately, the RTA-12s have probably the most complex crossover of any Polk speaker and there are a lot of components to check, including those within the cabinets. You could end up spending a few hundred dollars repairing the speakers if the damage is extensive.

    The RTA12s are excellent two channel speakers, but the SRS may be as good if not better. The decision to repair the RTA12 will be more expensive than what the speakers may be worth, depending on the condition of the rest of the system.

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