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    Default Oppo owners please come in.

    Hey whats up people?

    I'm intrested in these Oppo players quality, playability , craftmanship, warranty, etc. Give me the run down of your experience and if you compared it to any other players.
    I know only the DVD players have been on the market but also I noticed SACD ability. Is / was there DVD AUDIO support?

    Anyway Cd playback quality using internal DAC's, how is it?

    They are releasing a new Blu ray player soon and I'm curious. I noticed SACD support but no DVD AUDIO. I thought they where releasing a fully combo player.

    Thanks in advance ,

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    Right here.


    I have a 971 and it's a great little player; very reliable, and upconversion was significantly better than my previous Denon 1910, though not as good as my curent Toshiba HD.

    I am closely following the new Blu Ray release....
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    Default OPPO Feedback

    Hi Dan,

    Based on my experience owning a 970 and 971 and viewing a 983, my response to your questions:

    Quality -- Excellent
    Playability -- Good
    Craftmanship -- Excellent
    Warranty -- Good
    Customer Service -- Excellent
    Appearance -- OK (looks kind of cheap, tray flimsy)
    Audio Redbood CD -- Good
    Audio SACD/DVD-A -- Fair
    Upscaling -- 970 = Fair; 971 = Very Good; 983 = Excellent

    Toshiba XA2 was much better at upscaling than anything OPPO
    Toshiba A35 better than 970 at upscaling, close to 971, 983 is better
    Samsung BDP not as good as anything OPPO, except ties 970
    CD playback: Marantz SA8001 8/10; Cambridge Audio 640C 6/10; OPPOs 5/10 or lower (but not terrible).
    SACD/DVD-A Playback: Marantz SA8001 9/10; Oppo 6 or lower (but not bad)

    My reading of the AVS Forum thread on this was that it would have DVD-A, even if the logo was not on the faceplate, might be a firmware download. The thread was confusing though.

    For playing CDs I always used something else, even the A35 and the Samsung DACs sounded better to my years though my NAD amp.


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    Another thumbs-up for Oppo 970, it can play AVI files DIRECTLY from a USB of all, it was A Buck Fifty new (2006).
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    The Oppo 981HD was my first real standalone CD player. My xbox classics sounded better. Picture was to die for.

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    I have the 970...picture is's are what you would expect, thin sounding, edgy, no sig says it all.

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    I am also interested in the Oppo BD player. The 980 player has served me well, SACD playback has been fine, I don't have anything better to compare it to in this respect so I can't really say how good it is. Never used it as a redbook player. DVD playback is great for my purposes. As far as the new Oppo player not playing DVD-Audio, I don't think too many people will be concerned, DVD-A is a truly dead format.
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    Dan, I have the DV-980H - as far as price goes, it is great bang for buck. Upscaling is quite respectable through HDMI, as is SACD playback through HDMI. 2 channel through RCA connections requires a lot of "Enhanced Sound" effects through my Denon AVR3808, in Pure Direct mode as opposed to the straight out Pure Direct sound I get through my Cambridge Audio 740C CD player - having said that, the 740C did cost about $900 AUD more, so it isn't a fair comparison, and you sure as hell would expect a night and day difference in SQ for that amount. Unit doesn't have an auto shut off after a certain amount of time either, like my Yamaha S550 el cheapo DVD player does. I have Metallica's Black Album on DVD-A, and it plays just fine - again through HDMI.
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