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    Default What 6.5" is this

    I have two 6.5" speakers, no numbers on the back...just sr142/17 on the surround in front???? My other Polks have the same # just differing series of dots before and after the #

    All all the 6.5" speakers the same just depends on the application/crossover set-up?

    These came in a pair of AR TSW 410s that I picked up for cheap...just curious...inquiring minds want to know. TIA, Preston

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    My SDA-1A's use that number on the surrounds, also with a variety of :...'s. Yours should be MW6501's or MW6502's, or possibly others (they may use the same surrounds on other models).

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    Thanks for the reply Jim.

    That's what I'm asking about...does Polk number their 6.5 inch speakers so you can tell one from the other? What is the difference in MW6501 or the MW6502 or the 'others'? How do you tell? Preston

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