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    Default construction pic

    Told Russ I'd post a pic of the project using the KLH drivers. For reference, the large holes are for 8" woofers. Cabinets are 21.25 x 12, 9" deep.

    I'm trying to do this from home over a modem. Apologies in advance if this post comes through, but no pic.

    Edit: looks like the pic made it. Circles are rough because all the drivers are surface mount - no doubt to save KLH production costs. Crossover is as simple as can be and still be called a crossover. The choke, for sure, is higher quality than the original.

    Cabinets will be finished pretty rough... fill in all the holes, sand the whole thing, paint with a heavy primer/sealant, and maybe a final color. Low cost was the point, and I don't want to put the work into the cabinets that it would take to make THAT much of an improvement. Sanding really isn't the fun part.

    Initial listening tests before cabinets were completely sealed, and before I pulled a little of the stuffing, were pleasant. Very listenable for the music they'll get.
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    Looking good.
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    Looks real good man, keep the pics coming of the progress.

    Nice brace, nice crossover 'plate' too.

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    This makes KLH look high

    By the way, thats a 15 inch woofer...
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