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    Default LED display too dim

    I have noticed that the LED display on my tuner is significantly dimmer than that on my pre-amp (both components are from the same line and were bought used from different individuals -- this kind of makes sense because whereas the pre was purchased new about one year ago, the tuner was purchased new about 3 years ago).

    Anyway, I have zero electronics skills but I'm wondering if repair/adjustment is a common enough practice that it would not be incredibly pricey or difficult to find an electronics shop that could handle this (without screwing something else up).

    In other words, has anybody had any experience with trying to make the LED brighter and would this be considered "major surgery" or "minor"?

    Obviously, I'd be paying out pocket (Parasound doesn't cover warranties for second- and third-owners, but would it be worth contacting them to see where I might go or should I simply seek out a local electronics shop)? If you have any ideas on the subject, please let me know. Fixing this is not absolutely necessary, but it would be nice to see the radio station numbers with greater clarity.
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    Is there an option somewhere that allows you to increase the intensity of your backlight? AKA a dimmer of sorts? I know my Onkyo lets me adjust the intensity, but not familiar with yours. Just a thought, but it may be one you have already thought of/tried and forgot to mention in your post.
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    I'd bet the displays were always different. Could just be different batches of
    LED's. especially if they were made at different times, or even a slight design change. I've never had LED's dim noticably over time, and I have a couple of pieces that are 20 years old.

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